PUBG Mobile x Pinkfong Baby Shark

Cute collaboration! PUBG Mobile x Pinkfong Baby Shark

If you are a PUBGM player who is 20-30 years old, chances are you have heard the song Baby Shark. If you really like the song, then you should be happy, because now PUBG Mobile is preparing a new collaboration with Pinkfong Baby Shark.

This song, which is loved by children, is very popular in the community with its funny dance, and had become viral on social media at that time, will now be popularized again in PUBG Mobile. According to Tencent Games’ Head of PublishingVincent Wang explained that Pinkfong Baby Shark have made their name in history and they want to continue their success by bringing the brand and music to PUBG Mobile. Vincent Wang also explained that they couldn’t wait to see PUBG Mobile players show off the cute Baby Shark dance.

PUBG Mobile x Pinkfong Baby Shark

Meanwhile, Min Seok KimCEO of SmartStudy who developed the song Baby Shark, explained that PUBG Mobile is a very popular game at the moment, and they are very happy to announce a collaboration with PUBG Mobile to introduce Pinkfong Baby Shark in a newer and unique way compared to others.

Players will see a variety of exclusive outfits and costumes for the collaboration event, including the Baby Shark Parachute, Baby Shark Pan, Baby Shark Costume Set, Baby Shark Graffiti, and Baby Shark Dance which allows players to dance in the game. Some of the prizes just mentioned can be obtained for free, but some permanent items can only be obtained by completing the challenges available in the game.


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