Dead by Daylight Mobile Presents The Twins and Elodie Rakoto

The multiplayer-asymmetric horror game developed by Behavior Interactive, Dead by Daylight Mobile, will make a huge update. This major update is planned for release today, July 26, and the content that will be present in this update takes the 2020 chapter of the PC version entitled A Binding of Kin. Yep the presence of The Twins and Elodie Rakoto on Dead by Daylight Mobile.

This new chapter will bring a variety of new content, and the main content is the addition of a new killer and survivor. In killer, players will have The Twins, and for survivors, players will have Elodie Rakoto. Before using these two new characters, it’s a good idea for players to know what skills they can do.

First let’s talk about the new killer, The Twins, which are twin characters. They are an assassin who moves simultaneously and has a power called Blood Bond. They have perks called Hoarder, Oppression and Coup de Grace, these characters are very well known for their stalk skills which are much better than other killers.

dead by daylight mobile the twins elodie rakoto

And for the survivor players, there is Elodie Rakoto, an investigator who has a high level of stubbornness. Because of the desire for her life, Elodie can avoid a variety of killers. Elodie has perks named Appraisal, Decption and Power Struggle, Elodie can escape from attacks by killers with the help of various objects.

The presence of these two new characters will also coincide with a new event titled Bloodhunt+. This event will start on July 26 to 29, and players have the opportunity to get various prizes. The main prizes at this event are skins for The Trickster and Yun-Jin Lee which players can buy at a lower price.

For players who play Death By Daylight, you certainly don’t want to miss out, A Binding of Kin is one of the biggest updates to this mobile game!

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