Here are the complete details about the LoL Wild Rift Patch 2.2 update

Recently, the developer provided good news for the LoL Wild Rift mobile MOBA game players, because Riot Games has just announced all new content that will be present in patch 2.2. Unmitigated, this update is the biggest update so far since the release of LoL Wild Rift in October.

In this update patch 2.2 there will be new champions, new modes, new exclusive skins, battle pass, to new features, namely the selection of mathcmaking roles. With so many new content being presented, many players find it difficult to catch everything in patch 2.2, therefore has summarized it:

New Chaampions

As usual, Wild Rift will add two new champions every month, but for this patch update, LoL Wild Rift will add five champions at once. Riot Games hears complaints from players who say that Wild Rift lacks champions monsters, and most of them are humanoid.

That is why Riot Games released 5 non-humanoid champions consisting of Gallio, Renekton, Rammus, Rengar and KhaZix. Of the 5 champions, there were three junglers, one toplaner and one midlane / support. update patch 2.2 lol wild rift

New Skins

Apart from the new champions, patch 2.2 will also bring you five new skins and the first three exclusive skins for Wild Rift. In the normal line-up of skins, there are God King Darius, Blood Moon Kennen, Gorki Corki, Draven Draven and Scorched Earth Renekton.

While on the exclusive skin, there are Stargazers owned by Camille, Twisted Fate and Soraka. This skin is the first to be released on Wild Rift, but Riot Games says that Stargazers could be released on a PC version later.

Role Select LoL Wild Rift feature

The role select feature is one of the most important features in a MOBA game like Wild Rift, especially for solo players. Being the most requested feature, Riot Games finally heard the request and granted it. By using this feature, players will be able to use the roles they most want and avoid the ones they don’t want to play the most.

ARAM mode

As promised at the Ruined King event at the beginning of last year, the new ARAM mode will soon be presented to LoL Wild Rift. This mode is a mini game, players will play in one lane and all players will get champions randomly.

Wild Rift Battle Pass

It’s strange if LoL Wild Rift doesn’t have a battle pass system, and now Riot Games is introducing Wild Pass. A loL Wild Rift version of the battle pass that will bring you various prizes, including the exclusive Hexplorer Jax skin. Of course, players have to buy the paid or premium version to get it, while the free version comes with modest prizes.

Apex Predator event

Previously we have discussed this event, where two Apex Predators from Runeterra will battle each other. Rengar and KhaZix will get their own event to prove who is the best Apex Predator in the Runeterra universe.

Bug Fixes

Finally, there are also some new little things that are quite useful for the future Wild Rift. Minor things such as language assistance, the addition of the PING system and some balancing have been prepared for Wild Rift in patch 2.2 so that players can be even more comfortable when playing this mobile MOBA game.

Source: YouTube LoL Wild Rift


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