Elite Pass Season 37 Garena Free Fire For June 2021

Surely the battle-royale mobile game players are familiar with this, every time there is a monthly update, Garena Free Fire will release a new elite pass. In the update for June, the elite pass will enter season 37.

Unlike the two previous elite pass themes, where Garena chose a red and black theme. Currently for season 37, the elite pass that players will get is dominated by a mixture of blue and black. Not only that, the theme used in this season 37 elite pass is also the story of the kingdom between the queen and the king.

If we pay attention to the elite pass bundle this June, both men and women look handsome and handsome in royal-style uniforms. Both of them are seen wearing medieval royal costumes, there is a combination of nobility and military uniform, especially for the man.

elite pass June june 2021 free fire season 37

Not only the main bundle, players will also get lots of prize items, skins, avatar frames, borders and more. As usual, female bundles can be obtained at the low level elite pass and male bundles can be obtained at the upper level elite pass.

Not only character skin bundles, but skin weapons will also use the same design. A combination of blue and black, there are 3 skin weapons that players can get if they buy this elite pass. One of the most interesting skins is the parachute skin, which uses the second image of this pass bundle.

For players who want to buy this season 37 elite pass, then you can buy it now with pre-order. If you buy it now, then you will get a bonus in the form of facepaint, for men and women. So there is nothing wrong if you buy it by pre-order to get an additional bonus.

Source: YouTube


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