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Pet System Announced In Epic Seven, Let’s Collect!

Epic Seven has announced a Pet system that will increase gameplay comfort, and also enhances the Memory Imprint system. This content update was previously announced at the fans discussion forum for the past year, and with this update the developers hope to be able to improve the gameplay comfort and while developing the hero becomes more fun.

Cute new pets can be obtained through a variety of channels, including when playing regular gameplay and buying at the shop, and will provide different benefits that will enhance the gameplay experience.

Pets Are Divided Into Two Types

Battle Pet: helps players to do Repeat Fighting, interact automatically with objects, and provide additional battle rewards.

Lobby Pet: gives players prizes and provides additional benefits in non-battle content, such as reducing the price of Gold when enhancing.

Players can collect various types of pets, including special pets with a more unique appearance. Pet can be managed through the new and improved Pet House to provide greater benefits.

epic seven pet

The Memory Imprint System has also been reworked to allow players to use their duplicate heroes better. Previously, by increasing duplicate heroes, players would unlock Devotion Skills which would increase stats for teammates.

Now Devotion Skills have been divided into two types: Imprint Release which affects teammates, and Imprint Concentration which only affects heroes.

In addition to the above, nine heroes, including Tenenbria, Specimen Sez, and Assassin Cidd, have received buffs that make them more effective in PVP battles.

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