Event Brick Warrior Free Fire, Your Character Becomes Lego!

Are you bored with normal skin themes? Want to be different than other players?

Now, Free Fire presents a skin with a unique theme. Your character will be like Lego by using this skin!

This skin is called Brick Warrior , and can only be obtained at events that run on July 12-18 now.

In this event, you need to collect up to 5 Brick that can be obtained through the Brick Warrior event page in the game.

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You do this by doing gacha at a price of 30 Diamond for each spin . Or 130 Diamond for 5 spins at a time.

Inside the gacha, there are various interesting prizes, besides the Brick needed.

free fire event brick warrior

You can also get Night Panther , Laura characters , new bags , and so on!

Of course the Brick collection requires a lot of patience and diamonds, so don’t be disappointed if you don’t succeed.

free fire event brick warrior 2

So, are you interested in trying? When else will your survivor look so different from the others like this! While there are still three more days!

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