The Latest Update Exos Heroes Presents 3 New Heroes, Prithiof, Dana & Lang

The mobile RPG game Exos Heroes has an update to celebrate April with new heroes from the new Nation with the April Fools’ Day Event featuring the game art team as a boss raid.

This week’s update presents three new heroes from Pedas, which is a merchant town. Players can meet Prithiof , the heir to one of the most influential families in Pedas, then there is Dana, a beautiful girl born with talent and a brilliant mind, and finally Lang, a mysterious beast with extraordinary intelligence who follows Prithiof. These three new heroes can be recruited by players with increased rates until April 1. exos herpes Prithiof funds Lang updates

Apart from the three new heroes, there are also three events to celebrate April Fool’s Day. This event will last until April 8th, the first event is the Art Director Son Land Quantum Strike April Fools Day special season, featuring the art game team as the boss raid. Defeat Art Director Son Exos Heroes to collect various in-game items!

The second is the 7 Days Prize for April Fools’ Day event. Players only need to check in to the game to claim in-game prizes as usual, prizes at this event include 700 Xes and 50 Dye Coupons, and get Fatecore, Dewy Skin Bathory, specifically on the seventh day of login. Last but not least is a free Premium Hiring event which gives players up to 55 free recruits.

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