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Exos Heroes Celebrates Season 2 Update Titled The North Wind

LINE Games Corporation has officially announced that the mobile RPG game Exos Heroes has updated the Season 2 episode which is highly anticipated by players, entitled The North Wind. When a new season starts, players are offered new story chapters, new heroes, new systems, and new content to explore and collect.

New Story and Hero Chapter

Staged in Brunn, a country ruled by a young leader, Season 2 of The North Wind continues the previous season with Zeon who was badly injured after facing Shufraken.

Meet new heroes introduced throughout the story: Neomi the great leader of Brunn, and her loyal right-handers, Dorka and Kylock, and Schmid the master treasure hunter and mentor of Zeon.

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Signature Force and Awaken Hero

Upgrade heroes with ‘Signature Force’ and ‘Awaken Hero’, and a new Dye shop. In the Season 2 update, the maximum player account level limit has been increased from 55 to 60, and a new system has been added to upgrade heroes, ‘Signature Force’ and ‘Awaken Hero’.

Signature Force, using each Fated Hero who represents the nation as an ingredient to boost skills and synergies between heroes with the same nationality.

Awaken Hero, absorbs and transfers additional options from the selected Fated Armor to Hero. For Awakened Heroes, wait for the new Season Armor to be installed, which can be obtained in new equipment dungeons.

More detailed content updates for Season 2 Exos Heroes including the Dye shop, players can now color heroes according to taste.

Season 2 Events

Events to celebrate the first major update of Exos Heroes have started, the week-long event Gift for 7 days, which will be available from September 3 to September 24.

During the event period, players will be rewarded with a number of in-game items for 7 days and will receive Neomi’s Fated Hero on the last day. Level up Neomi and other heroes from five stars to six stars for more rewards.

And the last information, don’t miss the free 77 pulls event which allows players to recruit free 11 times for 7 days. This free pulls event will take place throughout September, from September 3 to October 1.

Source: YouTube LINE Games

[EXOS HEROES] Chapter 11 The North Wind PV


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