Feature Pick Role or Position Lab on LoL Wild Rift have been added

It has been 3 weeks since Riot Games started testing the matchmaking role position selection feature or often called the position lab in the LoL Wild Rift mobile MOBA game. This feature was first introduced on March 23rd, and now this feature is perfect.

Riot Games intentionally did not immediately add the position selection feature or position lab officially because they needed precise data and perfect features before they were officially added. After 3 weeks, then they are sure to fully present this feature starting today.

Along with the official release, Riot Games also provides a little extra to the position selection feature or position lab. On the dev blog they published yesterday, they announced that this feature has been enhanced and is ready to be used by players.

Fajaryusuf.com Position Lab Wild Rift

Riot Games explained that the selection of the matchmaking position or lab position in LoL Wild Rift is slightly different from the PC version, in LoL Wild Rift players can choose each position from the most desirable to the least desirable. It is 100% certain that the player will not get the last position that the player chooses, because Riot targets players to get only the 2 most desirable starting positions.

Player can also set this setting manually, player can set this option only once. However, there is also an option if the player wants to change it every time the match starts. Players should also feel the difference when they enter matchmaking on the current 2.2a patch.

Even though it feels perfect, Riot Games still accepts input from player input. As of the reports, Riot is still trying to get the most accurate data, and it looks like they still need time to do so.

Source: Wild Rift Dev Blog


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