FIFA Mobile major massive update new

FIFA Mobile is now doing a massive update, NEW-GEN Mobile Game!

Electronic Arts has released a massive update today for their popular mobile game, FIFA Mobile, this game marks a new era for globally loved mobile gaming and prepares it for live service for years to come. Originally released in 2016, the latest major update to FIFA Mobile provides a complete overhaul and a series of improvements to gameplay, visuals and audio, enhancing an authentic and best-in-class gaming experience for mobile players and football fans around the world.

“Today marks the beginning of the future of FIFA Mobile, giving tens of millions of players around the world a truly revolutionary football experience and the flexibility to enjoy the game on a variety of devices”

Lawrence Koh, head of EA SPORTS FIFA Mobile

“This is a monumental effort between our studios at EA China and EA Vancouver that further establishes FIFA Mobile as a place for football fans globally to work together and compete wherever they are. We are excited to see veteran and new generation players joining the action for years to come.”

Lawrence Koh, head of EA SPORTS FIFA Mobile

FIFA Mobile is now powered by the latest gameplay engine, FIFA Mobile’s visual fidelity has been improved giving players more detail on the screen during matches. Those with the latest mobile devices will be able to adjust the settings for a gaming experience at 60 FPS for a smoother and more responsive feel and enjoy playing for long periods of time in front of a smartphone. With ease of access, this new update will introduce additional settings for players to customize the visual experience in the game, ensuring compatibility across various types of devices so that players around the world can continue to enjoy FIFA Mobile anywhere and anytime.

FIFA Mobile major massive update new

Players will also be able to see action like never before with the new ability to switch between four camera angles in Realtime during the match. Additionally, new camera options are available for goal kicks, free kicks, corners and penalties, as well as in broadcast replays to further immerse players in the game’s most intense and celebratory moments. A series of new stadiums are now available to players along with unique weather locations, as well as time of day options that allow matches to be played during the day, dusk or evening.

“This massive update to FIFA Mobile has been going on for years. We’ve listened to feedback from players around the world that have informed us of new features and improvements to the gaming experience, helping us create one of the most immersive and authentic football experiences on mobile.”

Jace Yang, General Manager of EA China

In one of the most requested features by players to date, FIFA Mobile is now finally bringing live audio commentary from legendary commentators around the world. Comments will be available in 11 languages ​​including English, Spanish, LATAM Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Italian, German, Dutch, Arabic, Chinese and Japanese. Matches will also sound and feel more real with the introduction of new home crowd chants, public stadium broadcasters and player calls that can be heard during quiet intense moments on the pitch.

The gameplay improvements and additions to the new FIFA Mobile update will also give players more team management and player control during Realtime gameplay as well as quality improvements. New team management options will allow players to take complete control over substitutions, in-game positions and ball takers allowing them to control their team. Features including stamina and skill moves will add a new layer of authenticity to the FIFA Mobile gameplay experience, players must keep an eye on the team and make the right moves as the match progresses.

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