Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier brings Cloud in the latest update

The game Battleroyale Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier was released a few weeks ago, now Ateam Entertainment Inc and Square Enix will now release an update featuring a new item called Mimic Materia. This will allow players to temporarily turn into “Shadow”.

It all started with a mysterious disturbance that suddenly appeared on the training ground. The army began to call it the fault field. This item has a very mysterious appearance with things like black clouds floating and swirling around the area. But it’s not just Glitchy. There’s someone in there too.

In the middle of the field there is a mysterious warrior carrying a large sword, that person looks like Cloud from Final Fantasy VII. But the bodies of these warriors were as unreal as the same thing with the glitch field and they had sharp red eyes.

Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier update cloud mimic materia

Mimic Materia can only be accessed by defeating Glitchy villains. This item can be obtained on the battlefield. After the player consumes this item, the player will temporarily undergo a form change, which means the player will turn into a Cloud!

Using Cloud’s Mimic Materia will not only make the character look like Cloud. Players will also get big Buffs for speed and jumps. With this, players will also receive access to the iconic Buster Sword from Cloud, which can be used to attack and use special Skills, including Cross-Slash and Braver. Remember that Mimic Materia’s effects are temporary and the player will eventually return to their original form, so use this item wisely!

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