Fortnite brings back the skins series icon with a new look

Fortnite brings back the skins series icon with a new look

These few days we saw some cool new skins added to Fortnite. You can see another addition to the Icon Series and also one of the most famous skins from the original season is now back with a twist.

This new skin is not a Level Up Quest Package that can be obtained by players, it is Omega Knight‘s skin. All OG players who played season 4 of the first chapter of Fortnite definitely know about this skin and how difficult it is to level up to Max. But now the legendary skin is back with a cooler look.

Not only stunning to look at, this pack also allows players to get up to 28 levels if you complete all quests while collecting cosmetic items. Seven challenges will be released weekly for four weeks and players can earn battle passes XP while earning other cosmetic items, including Knight’s Torment Back Bling and Pickaxe, and Aurum Eques Style.

Fortnite brings back the skins series icon with a new look

The second skin in the Icon Series is Chica, which is currently available in the Item Shop. This costume doesn’t come with just one look, but in a variety of colors, as it features five unique styles, including Prismatic Streak Style, Royale Streak Style, Shades Style, and Hunter Mask Style, all giving Chica a distinct and elegant look. Chica also comes with Sar Back Bling and Aida’s Edge Pickaxe, in the alt style Royale Streak. And if you guys want to dance above the enemy then make sure to get The Pollo Dance Emote.



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