Fortnite Impostors New Fortnite Mode That Looks Like Among Us

In a statement online, the developer of Among Us, Innersloth, has confirmed that they are not collaborating with Epic Games to develop the Fortnite Impostors mode, but they said players should look forward to collaborations between Among Us and other indie developers.

“We are not collaborating with EpicGames, although we would love to collaborate with them, and find out at the same time as anyone else. We’ve been working on some really cool collaborations with other indie developers that we hope to share soon.”

Original Story: Trust nobody

A message conveyed by the battle-royale game team Fortnite with the announcement of a new mode similar to Among Us. The announcement of this new game mode, titled Fortnite Impostors, was published by Epic Games on their official website. According to EpicGames, Fortnite Impostors is a high-fidelity game mode that will feature a maximum of 10 players.

At the start of each match, players will be divided into 2 teams of 8 Agents and 2 Impostors in a new map called The Bridge, which is a facility used by the Imagined Order to maintain control of the Fortnite map.

Fortnite impostors

In this new mode similar to Among Us, 8 agents must work together to maintain order on The Bridge while simultaneously eradicating the Impostors. Across the map, each agent will have a number of unique tasks to perform. These tasks range from repairing the Battle-Bus to calibrating llamas across secret facilities. Meanwhile, the role of the Impostors is very simple, the Impostors are tasked with eliminating Agents to kill and taking control of the map.

To help them, Impostors will have a few tools at their disposal. In addition to the player’s cunning and wit, Impostors can temporarily disable and freeze progress on Agent tasks, teleport, and move agents elsewhere on The Bridge when needed and create an emergency Peely-Party that temporarily causes all players to look like Peely so that the Impostors can blend in. with agents.

The Fortnite team said that a group of players could choose to queue in the lobby and fill the remaining slots with additional players or set up a “Private” party for solo-player. This new game mode can run with as few as 4 players, although for the best experience, EpicGames recommends Peely-Party with 10 players.

Group discussions can be held in game mode in the control room discussion panel to expel potential suspects from the facility. However, in order to keep gameplay “fair and fun”, public voice chat is disabled in this mode. Players can use emotes and quick-chat to communicate with all players.

Trust Nobody: Introducing Fortnite Impostors

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