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Fortnite Release a New Skin, Skin Ninja Will Present

Tyler Blevins or better known as Ninja, from the beginning of his appearance as a streamer, Ninja was like a mascot for the game Fortnite. The development of Fortnite is also inseparable from the popularity of Ninja as a streamer of the game, even Ninja is an important role for the popularity of Fortnite.

And now Fortnite gives a tribute to the streamers they love. Fortnite made a special skin for Ninja, the skin really looks similar to a Ninja with blue hair and headband as its trademark.

Fortnite Ninja Skin

Ninja is very happy with what is done by the Fortnite, even Ninja has dreamed for a long time about himself as much as a skin in the game Fortnite. As we know, Fortnite releases skins from trends.

Ninja is very happy, to the point that Ninja uploads images of the skin via Twitter. Ninja also promoted the sale of the skin, and the time of its release was written in great detail by him. Yep, congratulations Ninja for release the skin!

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