Fortnite To Hold Rift Tour, Maybe Featuring Ariana Grande

The battle-royale game Fortnite  is currently preparing to host a new virtual concert with the popular singer. On Thursday, Epic Games announced the Rift Tour, Fortnite’s biggest in-game concert event, possibly featuring Ariana Grande.

The Rift Tour event will take place in early August 2021. Based on an announcement from Epic Games, the Rift Tour will feature impressive music and Fortnite will feature superstars.

But at this time, Epic Games still doesn’t clearly call the Rift Tour a music concert. However, leaks of the Rift Tour event have circulated indicating that the event is a virtual concert.

Based on information from  Polygon, Fortnite will present Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga at a virtual concert event. Information about the guests of the Fortnite concert event was obtained in court documents that were leaked during the Epic Games vs Fortnite trial.

Fortnite rift tour ariana grande

When the document was leaked, many speculated that the two artists might be the main event performers for the Fortnite virtual concert. The leak of the Fortnite concert superstar seems to be quite reliable because Fortnite is also in collaboration with Ariana Grande.

A few days ago, the Ariana Grande skin design concept emerged. The design concept of Ariana Grande’s Fortnite skin was first published on Twitter social media. The design concept in the @principe_guto Twitter account post , you can see the figure of Ariana Grande appearing in black clothes and a transparent mini dress that looks like a fairy character.

Not only that, this character design concept also shows Ariana Grande holding a long stick in the shape of a butterfly. In addition to rumors of an upcoming Ariana Grande, the Fortnite Rift Tour event will take place August 6-8, 2021.

Source: epicgames


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