Fortnite x Arcane (League of Legends) jinx

Fortnite x Arcane (League of Legends) collaboration brings Jinx to the game

Epic Games has officially announced the Fortnite collaboration with Arcane (League of Legends). This Fortnite x Arcane collaboration presents a new character in Fortnite adapted from Champions in League of Legends.

The character of this collaboration is Jinx who is one of the champions in League of Legends with the role of Marksman. Jinx is a popular champion and has the characteristics of a gun or rifle with the appearance of an eccentric girl.

As players already know, Riot Games will be releasing the first episode of the Arcane series on Netflix. Arcane is Riot Games’ first animated series that presents the story behind the world of League of Legends. Arcane’s premiere episode is set to be released globally on Saturday, November 7, 2021.

Fortnite x Arcane (League of Legends) jinx

After it was officially announced, one thing that players have been waiting for is definitely the Jinx release schedule in the Fortnite game. Jinx is coming as a Specialskin which is already available at the same time as the announcement.

Not only Jinx, there are several other collaboration items that Fortnite players can also have. Including the Arcane Jinx Outfit, Pow Pow Crusher Pickaxe, Jinxed Spray, and Jinx’s Dream Monkey Back Bling.

Not only that, this Fortnite x Arcane (League of Legends) collaboration also features in-game Arcane themes, such as the Playground Lobby Track, Wreaking Havoc Loading Screen, and Katchoo Loading Screen. This Fortnite collaboration Arcane item and theme will only be available for one month.

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