Fortnite x Free Guy Crossover Collaboration Has Come to Game!

The battle-royale game Fortnite has officially added a new quest, Free Guy, which allows players to unlock the Ryan “Dude” Reynolds character costume in the item shop, not only that, there’s also a special Good Guy emote.

Epic Games has officially announced the Fortnite x Free Guy crossover collaboration in a blog post, detailing a new quest that will require players to search the map to find an ATM machine. Players will find Reynolds movie character, who will provide instructions on how to complete the recently released Free Guy quest, this collaboration quest is available from 12 August to 6 September.

Reynolds voiced Guy in-game, and he also said “Don’t have a good day, have a great day!” , the same word was added to the new “Have a Great Day” emote that will be given to players after the quest is complete. Players will also be able to pick up Guy’s cool and muscular doppelganger style costume at the Fortnite item shop.

Fortnite x free guy

The Fortnite x Free Guy crossover collaboration is nothing new to Fortnite. This battle-royale game often makes surprising collaborations starting from crossovers with Marvel’s Avengers, John Wick, all 32 NFL teams, and Nike Air Jordans that are brought to the Fortnite universe. And this time Guy was trying to save Free City to become a playable character in the game, so Guy only appeared as a special appearance in the game’s banking terminal.

If players want to know the character before entering the game, then players may want to see the Free Guy show schedule which will be released soon. The film has received very good reviews so far.

Source: epicgames


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