Fortune Teller And Synergy Priest Released In Auto Chess Mobile

The popularity of the genre game Auto Battler certainly has an impact on games like Auto Chess Mobile developed by Drodo StudioUnderlord developed by Valve, and Chess Rush developed by Tencent increasingly actively updating new content for players.

And now there is news of new content from Auto Chess Mobile, which released a new chess piece or hero, called Fortune Teller, at a price of 3 gold 1 piece.

fortune teller auto chess

Fortune teller is a new piece/hero with Glacier race and a new class, Priest class. With his skills can “draw 20% of damage given by enemies to allies to be received to him”.

Yep, with skill that this piece/hero has, it makes it very useful as a Tank that receives damage done by enemies.

Not only that, Fortune Teller also had other skills to keep him or allied pieces/heroes unable to die with a cooldown of 15 seconds.

fortune teller auto chess skill

In Dota 2 version, Fortune Teller can be called a Dazzle with skill 2, where player can live for duration of skill activated.

Amazingly, players no longer need to use a switch to create a Glacier synergy that can increase overall attack speed. Yep, Fortune Teller is a cool new piece/hero in Auto Chess Mobile!.

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