Free Fire Advance Server Brings New Mode, Craftland

There is good news for all Free Fire players because Craftland mode has arrived on the FF Advance Server in July 2021! Craftland is a new mode in the battle-royale game Free Fire, players will be able to create and design maps as they wish.

When the player enters Craftland mode, the player will find a map that does not have any contents. On the smartphone screen, the player will see a menu layout with various choices of objects, namely Buildings, Structures, Decorations and other Interactives.

Simply put, this new mode will give players the freedom to create maps as they wish. Each item will have its own price, and players have a maximum quota of 1000 points to use.

free fire mode craftland

Players will be able to place objects or buildings anywhere on the map in Craftland, and players can even place their opponent’s spawn places next to each other! Not only that, after the player has finished designing the map, the player can open the craftland room and play with friends or other people!

To be able to play your map with other players, players will need a Custom Room Card first. For now, Craftland mode is only available on the Advance Server, but of course Free Fire players all hope that this mode will be present in the upcoming original server update!

Source: Advance Server Free Fire


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