Garena Free Fire FF Presents a New Character Named Maro

The battle-royale game Garena Free Fire FF has just introduced a new character in the OB27 major update yesterday on the advance server. Yep, this new character is named Maro, a new character that is the result of the collaboration of Free Fire with Egyptian actor and singer Mohamed Ramadan.Garena originally announced the character Maro in the previous March, and now they officially show the new character’s appearance. Maro is a lover of falcons and has a hobby of hunting using arrows, in the in-game FF this character is also accompanied by falcon as a partner.Maro’s skill is called Falcon Fervor, when active Maro will deal high damage depending on the distance of the enemy being shot. The farther the enemy is shot, the greater the damage Maro will give. This new character is perfect for using long-range type weapons.
Maro free fire ff
If we look at the preview given by Garena, the falcon bird who is Maro’s partner turns out to be in charge of marking it. With this bird, Maro will give a mark to the enemy, and whoever the enemy has this mark will get bigger damage.Just like other characters, this character can be leveled up to level 6, and the higher the level, the better the skills you have. The higher the level, the resulting damage will increase, starting from 5% to 25%.

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