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Free Fire Update Halloween Event And New Character Shani

Free Fire is a battle royale mobile game that uses character selection in-game, thus Free Fire continues to release new characters.

Now after maintenance on October 18th/2019, Free Fire officially releases a new character named Shani, who is an engineer, this character also has special skill.

The skill Abillity that Shani has is titled Gear Recycle, Shani can strengthen the armor every time you kill. It seems like Shani will fit into the rusher character. Now you don’t need to worry anymore to look for machines every time you want to increase armor endurance.

Shani free fire

Based on his biography, Shani is a 30-year-old mechanic. Shani is very agile to win battles on the islands of Bermuda and other islands to get Booyah!

In addition to the release of Shani’s new character, Free Fire is also now preparing to celebrate the Halloween event. From what players can find in the game, there will be a lot of scary character skins and the mission of collecting pumpkins.

Halloween freefire event

With this major update, zombie mode will be removed by Free Fire. So one alternative mode, it looks like the removal of this mode is only temporary. It may be that in the future the mode will be reopened.

In addition to the character, there were several new weapons that were added, namely M1887 and Explosive Crossbow. There are also additional attachments for the MP5 and M60 which will strengthen these two weapons.

Yep, lots of it, new content on Free Fire! Continue to follow interesting news about other mobile games only on the FajarYusuf.com site!

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