Garena Free Fire Will Release New Weapon Assault Rifle, Kord

The battle-royale game Garena Free Fire will soon make a major update for April 2021. Every time Free Fire does a major update, players will usually get various kinds of new features, new characters and one of them is a new weapon assault rifle, Kord.Kord is a weapon type assaulit rifle, and it has been confirmed that this weapon will be released on the live server soon. Previously, this weapon has been tested on an advance server a few days ago, and has been deemed fit to enter the live server in the next update.Kord is a weapon rifle that is quite unique compared to other weapons. This weapon rifle can only be fitted with a scope which will be the only attachment. Kord also has another uniqueness when the player uses it in the down or squat mode. Kord Free Fire assault rifle
If the player carries this weapon and uses it in the squat or down mode, it will enter a new mode. Chord accuracy will be more precise when fired during down and squat mode, different when players use it when standing.Even though it has a large size and looks like a sniper weapon, in fact this weapon is still included as an assault rifle. The presence of this new weapon rifle will also be a new collection in the Garena Free Fire game, and will continue to provide something fresher and new to the game.

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