Free Fire Update Season 21 Presents Bermuda Remastered 2.0

Soon ranked season 20 will end soon in the Battle-Royale mobile game Free Fire, and ranked season 21 will arrive. In this Free Fire season update, there is one thing that catches the attention of players, namely the presence of Bermuda Remastered or Bermuda 2.0 maps which will soon be released for ranked mode.

In yesterday’s update, the Bermuda map was officially entered into the game permanently, this time Bermuda Remastered will be available in ranked mode. To be more precise, in season 21 today, players can already choose this map to play.

Bermuda Remastered or Bermuda 2.0 can be said to be new, even though it was taken from the previous version, this new version is still much different. There are many things that players need to know about this map, such as a new location, a good loot area and a different map rotation from the previous version.

Bermuda remastered 2.0 free fire

For players who have never tried this map, it is advisable not to immediately play in ranked mode. If forced, there is a possibility that the player will be confused with these new locations, because of the cities that were added in this new version.

Moreover, losing in ranked mode will affect the numbers on the account status, so players should play seriously. It was quite fast that this decision was taken by Garena Free Fire, because it’s only been a few weeks since this map was permanently released.

Garena Free Fire’s ranked season 21 will begin on May 7, today. As usual, every time there is a season update, players are required to make a small-update to adjust for new content in the new season.

Source: Garena Free Fire


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