Free Fire (FF) skin bundle Cobra can be changed to 4 colors

The latest OB26 Free Fire (FF) update in February 2021 is a major update that presents a lot of new content, lots of new things are presented for this mobile battle royale game, including the new Skin Cobra Free Fire (FF) Bundle that can change colors!

Yep, the latest Free Fire (FF) update is called Project Cobra. As reported by the FF News post, the Cobra skin bundle is part of the OB26 Free Fire update, and this skin has 5 parts and is rare, that’s why this skin will be very valuable in-game.

This new skin bundle has 4 versions of the name with different colors, namely: Fury Mode, Lightning Mode, Storm Mode and Poison Mode. 4 versions of Cobra skins are unlocked according to their patents. skin Cobra Free Fire bundle

Until now, it is still unknown when the official Cobra Bundle will be released and how to get it, according to leaks circulating, the Fury Mode version of the bundle will be obtained when the player reaches a Master rank or higher.

But there is a possibility that this bundle will be released at the same time as the Cobra Project event for which Garena has published the teaser video.

And it must be noted that this information is still in the form of a leak so we have to wait for confirmation from Garena to ensure the presence of the skin.


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