New Free Fire Update Brings Lone Wolf New Mode 1v1

There will be a new update for the battle-royale game Free Fire for August 2021 featuring 1vs1 Mode, yep new mode Lone Wolf! For those of you Free Fire players who really like to do 1vs1 in custom rooms with friends or other players, now there is good news, because a special mode for 1vs1 will be coming soon in the Free Fire game!

This new mode is titled Lone Wolf, and as informed by, this mode will be presented in the Free Fire OB29 update on August 4, 2021. For Free Fire players who are interested in this mode, Lone Wolf is a 1vs1 game mode, almost similar to Clash Squad, but the difference is that you will compete 1 vs 1!

free fire mode lone wolf

Players will compete with 1 other player as an enemy in a new map, Iron Cage, which is a large hangar. At the beginning of each round, players will get 1 Flash Freeze, 1 Flashbang, and 2 Gloo Walls for free, so players can use the money to buy other items such as weapons and armor.

For players who have reliable gameplay mechanic skills, Lone Wolf will be a very exciting and challenging game mode for those fast-handed players! Yep, that’s information about the latest 1vs1 Mode, Lone Wolf, which will be coming soon in the August 2021 update!

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