weapon pink devil free fire

Free Fire Update Skin Weapon Pink Devil, Suitable For Girls

Garena Free Fire often updates skins for many weapons at the same time, like skin weapons Annihilator used to be.

Now, something similar is happening again with Skin update The Pink Devil!.

This skin that is present in the Armory shop can be used on Weapon SCAR, MP5, M60 and M79.

Each Pink Devil Loot Crate can be purchased for 35 Diamond .

For SCAR, MP5 and M60, get an additional large Accuracy status attribute with a slight reduction in Rate of Fire.

skin weapon pink devil free fire

However, for M79, Skin Pink Devil provides additional Magazine with Reduction Reload Speed.

skin m79 pink devil free fire

Indeed, the added attribute is only +1, but the additional status attribute of large Accuracy at a low price might be a recommendation to buy.

According to FajarYusuf.Com, this Pink Devil Weapon skin will likely attract more players if it does not reduce the Rate of Fire weapon used.

What do you think? Is this cute skin weapon worth buying?

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