free fire Guild Wars 8Vs8

Free Fire will present a new mode titled Guild Wars 8Vs8

The Battleroyale Free Fire game does not stop developing new modes that will be presented in every update. Just previously presented the “Red Light Green Light” and “Pet Mania” modes some time ago, now FF players will have a new mode again.

According to information from Game Master Free FireRido Odiri, on a YouTube Channel called Kulgar which was uploaded on November 1 yesterday, there will be a new play mode with the title Guild Wars 8Vs8.

This new mode has never been in the game and is a new mode in Free Fire. Later there will be slots for 8 players in each group that will fight. The concept is also very unique, to win in this mode, you have to focus on getting points by destroying enemy barracks.

free fire Guild Wars 8Vs8

Many players call the Guild Wars 8Vs8 mode the same as the Clash of Clans game because it has the same concept as destroying enemy barracks. In addition, the main mission in this mode is to collect as many supply boxes as possible to bring to the team’s barracks.

When collecting supply boxes, players will certainly be blocked by enemy players who guard their supply boxes. So, players must be careful when collecting supply boxes.



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