Free Fire x Attack on Titan Features Levi, Mikasa & Titan

Since it was first announced a few days ago, the collaboration between the battle royale game Garena Free Fire x Attack on Titan has become a popular topic of conversation today. Many players can’t wait for the results of this collaboration.This collaboration event may be implemented in March, but leaks about what content will be added to the in-game have spread across the internet. One of the Free Fire Leakers spread the results of the Free Fire x Attack on Titan collaboration dataminer to the internet, and it became a scene today.Based on the existing leaks, there are four main characters from the Attack on Titan series who will be brought into the game as skins that can be purchased via bundle. The four characters are Levi Ackerman, Mikasa Ackerman, Attack Titan and Armored Titan. Free Fire x Attack on Titan ff aot skins
All the AOT x FF skins in this leak were just found in the advance server and will likely look different when they are officially released to the original server. This bundle for skins is also known to be named Survey Corps & The Titans.These four AOT x FF skins will be the main prizes for this collaboration, just like the skins for Saitama and Genos during the One Punch Man x Free Fire collaboration. Of course, there will be other content that has been provided by Garena to welcome this latest collaboration, not only skins.

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