freya skin saber

Freya will join the Saber Squad in Mobile Legends

On the Leakers Mobile Legends Instagram account, there was a Leak who informed that Freya would join the Saber Squad in Mobile Legends. In the existing post, Freya is dressed in a S.A.B.E.R costume with a blue sword and shield, the typical color of the Saber Squad.

If this is true and will be present in the next Mobile Legends update, Freya will become a member of the Saber Squad, which contains Rafaela, Cyclops, Layla, Johnson, and Saber.

freya skin saber

There will be 6 heroes fighting together to defeat the Venom Squad in Mobile Legends. Most likely, the story between Squad Venom and Squad Saber will come again and continue the story that already existed.

If you pay attention, the SABER skin on Freya is very similar to the combination of the Hero Saber and Rafaela skins. In the splash art, Freya has a face that is very similar to Rafaela in Mobile Legends.

Unfortunately, until now there is still no definite information on the price of this Saber skin for Freya. When compared to the price of other SABER skins, it will most likely have a price of 899 Diamonds.


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