Futuristic Themed PUBG Mobile x Tesla Collaboration Coming Patch 1.5

In the latest PUBG Mobile update, patch 1.5, which was just released yesterday, this battle-royale mobile game presents a vehicle that players may already know because of the popularity of this vehicle. This is the result of a collaboration with the popular vehicle brand, Tesla, PUBG Mobile managed to bring the Cybertruck car to Erangle as one of the main content in this new collaboration.

Tencent in this new PUBG Mobile patch brings the theme of the future with Tesla. The presence of a collaboration event with Tesla is only additional content and the right timing for this new theme. Not only bringing Cybertruck to Erangle, this Tesla collaboration also presents the Telsa Roadster and Model Y cars that players can use in the game.

Players can use all of these futuristic vehicles by playing the EvoGround mode which players can choose in the select mode session as usual. In addition, there will be other mini-games that players must complete if they want to own this Model Y car. This is done to provide an additional challenge for players who want to have it.

pubg mobile x tesla

The Erangle map in this latest patch has changed greatly, players may be confused in some locations. During this Tesla collaboration event, there were 6 locations in Erangle that were changed to a futuristic theme. The 6 locations are Georgopol, Sosnovka Secruity Center, Logistic Agency, Energy Center, Tech Center and Transit Center.

In the main mode there is no change, players will still fight each other to be the last player alive. However, players will be accompanied by various new elements with futuristic themes. Don’t be surprised if in-game players will meet robots, modern weapons and anti-gravity vehicles.

For now, it’s still uncertain when the PUBG Mobile Ignition event will finish, which means players will have plenty of time to enjoy the current content. Players only need to update patch 1.5 to experience this event.

Source: Tencent Games


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