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Garena Free Fire Hacker Store Event Held Again On October

The Hacker Store Event, which is a Free Fire mobile battle royale game event, is present almost every month, and is sure to come back on 2 October-8 October. If the player doesn’t know what the Hacker Store Event is, this is an event that players can play Spin to Win, players can choose 2 main prizes to get later.

Before players start Spin to Win, players must choose 1 prize from 2 categories, namely Grand Prize Selection and Bonus Prize Selection, each selected choice will be the main prize later.

fajaryusuf.com Hacker Store Event Garena Free Fire a

Here is the prize list:

Grand Prize SelectionBonus Prize Selection
White Shadow BundleKarakter “Klu”
Battle Goddess BundleRobo Pet
Devil Hunter BundleEmot Party Dance
Skin Scar – Aurous DragonPainted Omen
Skin Mp40 – Slaughter Party Kartu Ganti Nama
Skin M60 – Crimson RedSkin Pet – Spring Festival Robo

After selecting the prize options from each category the player will start Spin to Win, later in addition to the 2 prizes chosen, the player will have the opportunity to get 4 other prizes.

To get all the prizes, the player must press the Click to draw button 6 times, the possibility of the percentage of players to get 2 main prizes immediately is very small, usually players will get the main prize in the last 2 Spins (5th and 6th).

It should also be noted that each player presses the Click to draw button, the price to be paid will increase, starting with the price of 9 diamonds, the price of each draw will increase to 19, 49, 99, 199, 499 diamonds.

It’s quite relaxing to play this event, because later players won’t get the same prize because every player gets a prize, the prize they get will disappear for the next draw.


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