Genshin Impact New Character Revealed Named Touma Or Tohma

There is new leak information about a new character for the current Genshin Impact action-RPG game named Tohma. Actually, the name is still uncertain, because this character’s real name could be Touma or Tohama.

Tohma or Touma will most likely become new characters in the game Genshin Impact, and there is some information that we want to get. The appearance of this new leak character for the first time came from data miner, Lumie, at that time Lumie released a new photo showing the form of this new character.

According to leak information, Tohma has a polearm as a weapon, and Tohma is a pyro element user. For now, we can’t even guess about this new character build, as information about this new character skill-set hasn’t been revealed yet.

Tohma touma genshin impact

Apart from that, there are some trivia that players can get too, based on Ayaka’s voicelines, who are also new characters, it is possible that Ayaka and Tohma have a romantic relationship. There are many players who provide various screenshots and fanart that show the closeness of these two characters.

If we look at the new character list that has been revealed, it seems like it will still take a very long time for these characters to be released. Previously, we already know that miHoYo has just announced Kazuha who will be a new character in patch 1.6.

Not only that, with the leak of Ayaka and La Signora characters, this character release has been pushed back even longer. We can’t get much information yet, especially for the release date of this new character. Let’s just wait for the latest information from the developer about this character later.

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