Genshin Impact Will Bring Pet Named Yandola In Update Version 1.4

Game Action-RPG Genshin Impact plans to bring a companion or pet like Seelie more into the game on the update patch version 1.4 to come, a companion / pet a new one is rumored to have the name Yandola and similar to one boss Genshin Impact, Oceanid.

According to information circulating, players can get Yandola by completing the Oceanid challenge which will be released in the patch update version 1.4 according to the leaks in circulation.

Genshin Impact has introduced three Seelies as companions / pets, which are available in three different colors. However, this new companion / pet will be different. Yandola will have a shape like a monster, not just like a ball. Genshin Impact yandola pet

According to rumors, Yandola can talk and interact with players in the game. Players must follow the instructions in the game to find Pure Water Hearts. These Pure Water Hearts can be used as a pass against newer versions of Oceanid to win Primogems and other prizes.

It is also rumored that the Yandola will be available for collection from the prize along with 60 Primogems and 30000 Mora. Unlike Seelies, Yandola is most likely to be effective when there is a fight.

After summoning companions / pets, players will have their elemental skill called Bubble Spit. By using this skill, players can defeat water monsters like Oceanid to collect rewards.

The Oceanid challenge will reward players in the form of character upgrades, Adventure Exp, Companion Exp and Yandola, which is quite relevant if you look at the level of difficulty.

In the challenge version 1.4 Genshin Impact, the new Oceanid version will use a different attack and provide even harder resistance, for more players trying to get Yandola’s companion / pet.

Source: Twitter


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