Genshin Impact new region Enkanomiya

Genshin Impact presents the new region of Enkanomiya

The latest 2.4 update on Genshin Impact introduces the Enkanomiya region which is presented for players to explore. Enkanomiya is a large floating island that was once inhabited by the ancestors of Watatsumi Island, now under Sangonomiya, this region is constantly being eroded by the Abyss. In the Genshin Impact v2.4 update, this vast area opens up for players, players will learn the secrets inside, unlock treasures, and fight against terrifying enemies.

To enter this area, players must be Ranked 30 or above, and have completed the Archon Chapter II: Act III and World Quests The Still Water’s Flow and The Moon-Bathed Deep quests. Enkanomiya does not receive natural light, as the concept of day and night does not exist in this region. Cyclic variations between Whitenight and Evernight occur within it. Using a special mechanism connected to Dainichi Mikoshi, a sun-like object, created by the ancient inhabitants, a transition between Whitenight and Evernight can be made on this object.

Many mysterious phenomena occur throughout Enkanomiya, including the Sunfire Phantasms and Daisies of the Day and Night. Players can also get the Key Sigil and interact with the beautiful Ghostfish on this mysterious island.

Genshin Impact new region Enkanomiya

Enkanomiya is home to mythical creatures never seen before in Genshin Impact. So players will be able to find Floating Rays in the sky, they can catch strange cartilaginous fish like Divda Rays and Formalo Rays at the Enkanomiya fishing spot, and also find an amphibious fish called Deep Sea Unagi.

Besides, not everyone is friendly in this new territory. New Elemental Specters can be found throughout Enkanomiya, but the greater threat is Bathysmal Vishap, this monstrous predator lurking in pitch-black waters waiting for prey to emerge. The mysterious energy allows them to use elements other than Hydro, making them much harder to beat!

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