Leak Genshin Impact Release Date Banner for Hu Tao and the Story

Although the action-rpg game Genshin Impact has used minimal participants to closed beta test their unreleased content, several data thieves have taken information about Hu Tao release date and the background of the new character’s story.

According to Dimbreath’s leak data account, the background for the story of Hu Tao will be referred to as Papilio Charontis which is also the name of the constellation and is divided into several actions.

Genshin Impact will be releasing the Hu Tao banner on March 2 at 6pm (unspecified area), based on the leak being informed.

In addition, Time Limited Flag will also add 5 star characters, including Keqing (Electro), Barbara (Hydro), Bennet (Pyro), and Ningguang (Geo), which will end on March 2, 2021.

The leak about this mysterious banner has credibility that can be trusted because the expiration time of the Keqing banner and the arrival time of the Hu Tap banner match the date.

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Another leak in the search for Hu Tao’s story claims that there will be a dungeon quest quest with Hu Tao on the following instructions:

“After sufficient preparation, you followed Hu Tao to the mysterious frontier. Remember Hu Tao’s warning and don’t make a fuss about whatever is waiting ahead. “

If we observe the search for the story of Hu Tao, it will be similar to the previous search for the story of Klee, Zhongli, and Albedo. This quest will require a story key to be unlocked.

There are various leaks about Hu Tao nowadays. Although some things are still questionable.

Homa staff will be featured on the Epitome Invocation banner from February 23 to March 16. This also ensures that the Hu Tao banner will be released on March 2 or 3.

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