Genshin Impact Will Have Housing Features In The Next Update

In the next update, the action-rpg game Genshin Impact has the title Beneath the Light of Jadeite with version 1.5 and includes a variety of content and new things, one of the new features is housing, a feature that can pamper and enhance the creativity of players.

This feature is eagerly awaited by many players so that it will be included in the game immediately, and miHoYo has granted this request. In the housing feature, players can create a new world where players can build houses and buildings according to their wishes. This feature is often found in MMO games in general.

However, Genshin Impact’s housing features are different from other MMORPGs. The housing feature in Genshin Impact is different, because players will not use a land plot, but will use an item called Serenia Pot. genshin impact housing

When a player uses a Serenia pot item, the player will enter a new dimension, and there the player can freely decorate the dimension as desired. MiHoYo has not officially given a description of the Serenia Pot, but in the trailer that was released yesterday, it is very clear that this feature will be coming soon.

In update 1.5, Genshin Impact will present various kinds of content, in addition to the housing feature, this update will also present new characters, bosses and stories. Even though it is not the main content, this one feature is highly anticipated by many players.

Because the time is getting closer, it is better for players to get to know this feature before the update is done. Beneath the Light of Jadeite is planned for release on April 28th.

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Source: miHoYo


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