Glast Heim is coming soon in Ragnarok X: Next Generation!

After much anticipation from players, now Nuverse is proud to announce that the halls of the terrifying Glast Heim will be opening soon in the upcoming update for Ragnarok X: Next Generation. Along with increasing the Base Level cap to 90, there are also new bosses, new monsters, new story scenes, and lots of prizes to be given to players!

As Ragnarok players will remember, Glast Heim has long been an iconic location in the land of Midgard. In Ragnarok X: Next Generation, the gloomy halls of this haunted city have been rendered in beautiful 3D, featuring all new NPCs, missions, and monsters!

Get ready to meet up to 5 bosses in the area every day, with the new MVP Amon Ra and the mini boss Dark Priest ready to challenge players who dare to face them. Each boss will appear twice a day, plus one more daily instance for players. In addition to these new bosses, there are also a large number of familiar monsters, including Injustice and Carat, as well as various other monsters.

Glast Heim update Ragnarok X Next Generation

Are you a player who wants to reach max level before other players? A hero in training looking for a valuable additional power? Or players who want to enjoy something new and more challenging? Glast Heim, there must be something special for you in the next update of Ragnarok X: Next Generation.

Players can also enjoy the Thanksgiving Discount, which allows players and friends to bid on a Sailor Suit costume which is worth 2,000,000 Crystals, but with the Thanksgiving Discount , players will get a huge discount, or even get a free set of costumes! Just click on the prompt on the screen while logging in every day to get a random discount, and get 5x Crit chances on the first try every day!

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Source: Press Release


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