Revealed! Glorious Tryndamere Skin LoL Wild Rift Season 1 Skin

Is one of the competitive mobile moba games, League of Legends Wild Rift has a ranked system which in each season will present a special exclusive season skin. Season 1 has just been announced by Riot Games and so are the various prizes. One of them is the Glorious Tryndamere Wild Rift Skin.

If the PC version of League of Legends has season skins with the theme of Victorious Skins, League of Legends Wild Rift doesn’t match the PC version. Wild Rift has a season skin themed Glorious Skins, with champion Tryndamere as the first champion to be revealed.

These Glorious Skins are an exclusive part of Wild Rift, which means the PC version of League of Legends doesn’t have them. It is not certain what response will come out of League of Legends players when Riot Games officially announces this.

But Twitter user PixelButts said there is a possibility that the Glorious Tryndamere skin is actually a Viking Tryndamere skin. This is because the file code owned by Glorious Tryndamere is called Tryndamere_4 which means Tryndamere’s 4th skin, Viking . skin season 1 Glorious Tryndamere wild rift

The Glorious and Viking Tryndamere skins do have some similarities if you pay attention, and many players say that Riot Games is only reworking the Viking skins to be introduced into the Wild Rift game.

Wild Rift will soon enter its first season on January 8, and with the start of season 1, Patch 2.0 has also started to be released. The latest patch comes with a lot of content and features that players can enjoy.

Players can get Glorious Tryndamere in the first season by getting tier gold. This skin is exclusive, it means that after a season reset, players cannot get this skin again.

Source: Twitter PixelButts


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