Greedent, Thievul, and Decidueye! New Pokémon in Pokémon UNITE

On a youtube channel entitled SuperTeed, who is a Pokémon UNITE Dataminer, he gave a leak about 3 new Pokémon that will be released in Pokémon UNITE in the next update.

Pokémon UNITE is currently being hype in the world of mobile gaming in 2021. Because this unique game has a competitive MOBA genre but is different from other MOBA games in general, this game adds a new nuance to it.

With players’ interest in Pokémon UNITE, of course the fans want the developer to bring other Pokémon. And apparently, TiMi Studio developer from Pokémon UNITE will present 3 new Pokemon.

The new Pokémon in Pokemon UNITE will be Greedent, Thievul, and Decidueye. Yep, Decidueye is a favorite Pokemon for Pokemon fans which will be released soon in the next Pokemon UNITE update.

Although there is still no official response from the developer regarding the data leak. To be sure, with the 3 Pokemon files, players can hope, and will add excitement to the game when it is officially released.

These 3 new Pokémon certainly have unique skill-sets and abilities. We’ll talk about it a bit so you don’t get confused in the next Pokémon UNITE update.

Greedent Thievul Decidueye new pokemon unite


Greenent is a Nature/Normal type Pokémon. With a squirrel-like shape, Greedent has a skill that can restore lost Healthpoints. This Pokémon may become a Tank or Support in Pokemon UNITE.


Thievul is a Dark type fox Pokémon. Thievul’s skill-set may be of the burst-damage type, because Thievul has the skill to run away and chase enemies. Thievul also has the skill to do Buff damage to himself.


Decidueye is a Grass/Ghost type Pokémon . This Pokémon has the ability to emit sharp feathers to attack enemies. He also has the ability to disappear from the enemy’s sight and attack him from behind, possibly having skills similar to Talonflame.

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