Guardian Tales Lunar New Year Event Presents Lynn & CO-OP Mode

The lunar new year will be held tomorrow, Guardian Tales which is an RPG adventure mobile game from Kakao Games will present a new mode, CO-OP, and also present a new hero named Lynn, there will also be a lot of content presented to commemorate a special event this. Guardian Tales mobile game is available on the AppStore and GooglePlay.

The new CO-OP game mode is here for players to enjoy, play with other players, 4 players can cooperate with their strengths to complete the dungeon. In the CO-OP stage, players will race against the clock. Players must defeat monsters, run through the maze, and kill the boss before the black mosquito squad comes to kill. Players can also get more prizes by cooperating with other players in this mode.

Fajaryusuf.com Guardian Tales Lunar Co-op lynn

Not only that, Drunken Swordmaster Lynn, the fire warrior who was the chef of Shen City had also been released. Lynn drinks tea, gets drunk, and fights with the unique “Drunken Swordsmanship” move to soothe the bitterness in life. Join Lynn in the latest hero pick up event and exclusive weapon, “Red Lotus“. Apart from that, players can also get to know him in the new short story, “Lynn’s Bento Shop“.

If players get a lot of red packets and don’t know what they want to buy, Guardian Tales prepares a special Lunar / lunar package. Players can get gems, gold, stamina, and other items at special prices. This lunar special package opportunity won’t last long, so get it before it’s gone. Apart from that, players can also claim lots of prizes in the Lunar New Year roadmap event. The more event points the player gets, the more prizes that can be claimed.


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