Half Human Half Zombie, The Revenant Comes to LifeAfter

Since its release two years ago, LifeAfter, the Open World MMORPG Doomsday Survival Game developed by NetEase Games, will release a major update in 2021, The Revenant, The Unimaginable Way of Survival, on August 6th! In the face of imminent death, are the Survivors willing to take the risk of abandoning their identity as Humans, changing their appearance and abilities, and continuing to live in this world in their half-human-half-zombie form, Revenant? What will the appearance of the Revenant bring to this chaotic world of LifeAfter Apocalypse?

Meanwhile, new server registration has officially opened today (26 July). Sign up now, or you’ll miss out on these exciting benefits!

People have been living in the Apocalypse world for more than 2 years. They scavenge, build and fight, and “survival” remains their only goal. Throughout this journey, the most dangerous thing is being attacked by Zombies. Their limits are constantly tested as they witness the death or downfall of their friend. In a land infested with Zombies, will this really be the destruction of mankind? Can they reverse this? Is there any hope?

When all hope is nearly lost, a group of creatures called “The Revenant” appears and an unimaginable way of survival opens up to humanity.

A Revenant possesses the sanity of a Human and some of the mutant powers of a Zombie and merges into one, meaning abandoning the identity and appearance of a Human, and living as a half human half zombie. Despite being endowed with more powerful mutant abilities, the Zombie’s power within is still trying to take over. Is Revenant a cure for the LifeAfter world or just a new disease?

In an update coming on August 6th, all Human Survivors will be able to choose whether to continue their survival as Revenants. If it was a matter of life and death, how would they choose?

Until now, the details about Revenant are still unclear. Follow-up Investigations have revealed the following information:

Update the revenant life after


The Revenant is a form of creature that is in between Humans and Zombies. If a Human is unfortunate enough to be bitten by a Zombie, he can apply the blue Reagent and take the opportunity to transform into a Revenant. The transition will also be dangerous, because it can cause death or turn into a Zombie.


When the transition is complete, the appearance characteristics of Humans and Zombies will be equally present. The left-blue-right-black eyes, the sparkling blue veins on the face, the pale skin and the lively Revenant Flower on the shoulders, all marked the power of mutation.

Revenant Flowers

As a marker of the Revenant’s power, the mysterious Revenant Flower is where the Revenant derives its power. This special blue flower will give the Revenant some of the Zombie’s powers, thereby significantly increasing his combat abilities.

Even though humanity’s hope remains in Revenant and they are determined to eliminate Zombies, they must constantly try to contain the Zombie’s power within them and not be consumed by it and become Zombies.

New Server Registration Opened

The release of the annual update “The Revenant” comes with a new server. Starting today 26th July, Survivors can log on to Revenant’s dedicated website to pre-register. According to the number of registrations, New Dollars, Formula Shards, Heart Pacemaker, Revenant spray paint, and other benefits will be provided to players on all servers. Invite friends and register now for more rewards!

Update the revenant life after

For details of this event, please refer to the official website: https://www.lifeafter.game/the-revenant/

Source: Press Release


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