HearUsNiantic, Pokemon Go Players Ask For The Pandemic Bonus Not To Be Removed

Pokemon Go players are currently using social media to get Niantic to change their game development plans, players want Niantic not to remove the extended Pokestop and Gym coverage features from the AR game, HearUsNiantic is trending. This bonus Pokestop and Gym expansion feature was implemented last year to help players continue to be able to play Pokemon Go from their homes during the Covid-19 pandemic.

In an open letter from Pokemon Go’s massive community, r/SilphRoad, players have been contacting Niantic directly to ask them to keep their bonus Pokestops and Gym coverage features extended, especially as the new Delta variant of Covid-19 begins to spread worldwide.

“Dear Niantic, the Community and Creators alike would like to voice our concern and disappointment at the recent changes to the reduction of the Pokestop interaction radius in Pokemon Go. While the Pokestop/POI interaction radius is increasing due to the unprecedented global pandemic, the flow of effects from this in-game change has a much larger positive impact on the community.”

Pokemon Go Player Community Open Letter
Hearusniantic pokemon go player bonus pandemic covid 19 distance distance pokestop gym

Not only being able to play Pokemon Go from home, players also mentioned that the radius increase feature creates other benefits such as road safety, and especially accessibility for players with disabilities as reasons why this change should be re-implemented. So on Twitter, leading players are using the hashtags #HearUsNiantic, HearUsNiantic as a way to get the AR game developer’s attention.

When the Covid-19 pandemic first hit the world in 2020 and now, Pokemon Go and other AR games, which require players to walk to play, have been the game genre that has been hardest hit.

Source: Twitter


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