Honkai Impact 3 Will Bring Open-World Map Arc City

Chinese mobile game developer, miHoYo, has just announced a patch update for the mobile RPG game Honkai Impact 3 v4.7, which will be released on April 22, 2021. This update is titled “Hacked“, this update will feature a new Battlesuit SP, Haxxor Bunny, and new an open world map, Arc City, a map that carries the Cyberpunk theme, which looks futuristic.

Not only that, miHoYo will also present several events in the future, such as “Arc: Light Bound“, as well as a new story chapter that players can try during the release of the Honkai Impact 3 v4.7 update.

Carrying futuristic themes such as Cyberpunk, the Arc City map that players will explore has several investigative missions that are useful for increasing map access levels and unlocking skills.

Honkai impact 3 haxxor bunny open world arc city map

A Cyberpunk nuanced city and a new open world map Arc City will be added in the game after the version update. Players can choose story or exploration mode to enter Arc City. miHoYo at a press release

The following is a snippet of the HI 3 v4.7 update:

Honkai Impact 3 is a mobile RPG game developed by miHoYo which was released five years ago, namely in 2016. This mobile game can already be played by players on several platforms, PC, Android and iOS.

If you like games with hack and slash battles, this mobile game is highly recommended to try. Not only does it present a cool combat mechanic, players can also find a variety of cool characters with impressive skill sets.

Source: Honkai Impact 3


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