Honkai Impact 3rd will release update V5.3 Post-Dusk Odyssey

Game Action of miHoYo namely Honkai 3rd Impact will release Update V5.3 entitled Post-Dusk Odyssey with Chapter XXVII recently called Dusk of the Fool. This update will be released next week on December 2nd.

This Post-Dusk Odyssey update will add Carole Peppers, the agile and feisty striker from Schicksal’s 3rd Squad to Honkai Impact 3rd. Carole is a MECH-type Physical SP Melee Support character who attacks enemies with mechanical fists. When Carole performs an Ultimate Skill, players can immediately change characters and remain on the field until the Ultimate Skill is complete.

In the prologue of Chapter 2 of Post-Honkai Odyssey, Prior to Starfall, players will meet adult Bronya for the first time. The protagonist of this story is Carole, who will be responsible for saving all of her teammates. During the mission, Carole will meet with Bronya.

Honkai Impact 3rd update V5.3 Post-Dusk Odyssey carole captains

In update v5.3 Honkai Impact 3rd, Captains will also gain access to Herrscher of Flamescion’s First Outfit called Time Runner via Outfit Supply. This suit has a very mysterious and chill vibe with cold crystals providing a perfect contrast to the flames of the costume. Charged ATK and Ultimate will also receive major upgrades with temporal magic thanks to Stardust, Clock Hands, and A Dial-Patterned Skirt.

Surely this update is amazing which features many additions, update v5.3 Honkai Impact 3rd, Post-Dusk Odyssey will be released on December 3, 2021.

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★v5.3 [Post-Dusk Odyssey] Trailer★ - Honkai Impact 3rd


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