How to Get Epic Skins in Mobile Legends (ML) Flip Card Event

How to get an Epic skin in the Latest Event in the MOBA Mobile Legends (ML) game! Yep, Mobile Legends (ML) every month always provides interesting, and special events this month, because there will be various kinds of attractive prizes given by Moonton for players.

Yep, talking about events, there is a leak in the form of a new event in Mobile Legends (ML) that players can participate in to get the epic skin of choice. This event is planned to be present in October 2021, there will be a new Hylos Iron Steed skin which will also be released as the main prize.

And about getting an Epic skin, the choice is in the event titled ‘Flip Card’, players must use diamonds with two chances to be sure to get Lucky Gems , players must get 3 Lucky Gems to claim the main prize, which is an Epic Skin.

epic skin event flip card mobile legends

Here are the steps to get the selected Epic skin in the ‘Flip Card’ event :

  • Login to the game Mobile Legends (ML)
  • Select the Event menu
  • Player can see 9 cards that can be turned over
  • Use diamonds 20 to 100 (increases with the number of cards)
  • And if the player already has 3 Lucky Gems, they can immediately exchange the selected Epic skin (for now there are Lightborn Tigreal, Fanny and Alucard squad skins).

It’s very easy, yes, just like the ‘event Call’ some time ago that came to get the Silvanna Elite or Lesley Elite skin but of course with a bigger chance because players have twice the chance of getting a Lucky Gem.

Players can watch on the Borneo Gaming channel the details of this new event:



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