How to Get Free Fire x Venom Collaboration Item Rewards

The Free Fire x Venom collaboration has now officially started. Having previously announced a few weeks ago, starting today, October 12, 2021, Free Fire battle-royale game players can already enjoy a variety of interesting content resulting from this collaboration.

“This collaboration presents Marvel’s iconic characters in the Free Fire world with various Skins and Themes”
Garena Free Fire Producer, Harold Teo

Harold announced that this was Free Fire’s first collaboration with a film franchise. Harold also emphasized that this collaboration is a form of Garena Free Fire’s commitment to continue to provide exciting and unique gaming experiences for the global community of Free Fire players.

As previously announced, this Free Fire x Venom collaboration presents a variety of interesting content. Including various items, skins, themes, and special missions with various exclusive prizes that players can get. Then, what are the prizes in this Free Fire x Venom: Let There Be Carnage collaboration?

Free Fire x Venom: Let There Be Carnage Gift List

Based on the announcement, there are a total of 8 prize items that can be obtained by players. The 8 prizes include various kinds of content, from costumes, skins, to bundles. For more details, here is the list of prizes for the Free Fire x Venom collaboration: Let There Be Carnage:

  • Venom Motorbike
  • Venom Backpak
  • Venom Deadbox
  • We Are Venom Streetwear Male Bundle
  • Carnage Helmet
  • Incubator Voucher (2x)
  • SPAS12- Wasteland
  • Vouchers

how to get free fire x venom gifts item

How to Get Free Fire x Venom Item Rewards: Let There Be Carnage

To be able to get various prizes in this collaboration, there are several things that players must do. Because every prize has its own way to get it.

Prizes for Venom Motorbike, Carnage Hemet, Incubator Voucher (2x), SPAS12- Wasteland, and We Are Vonem Streetwear Male Bundle can be obtained by logging in and playing Free Fire only. However, players must login and play at the special time provided for this collaboration event, which is October 16-17, 2021.

Then to get Venom Backpak players have to play a special event called Venom Chaos Attack Web. Then for Venom Deadbox prizes and Vouchers, you can get them by playing Retention Missions. This special mission will only take place on October 10-24, 2021.

The Free Fire x Venom collaboration will last until October 24, 2021. During this period, players can get various attractive prizes mentioned above.


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