Already Started, Identity V x Persona 5, Let’s Use Skin Crossover!

Identity V, one of the games developed by NetEase, is currently collaborating with Persona 5, which began on August 7th.

In this collaboration of Identity V x Persona 5, Phantom Thieves will be available to play, and with New Manor/New Map.

Identity V x Persona 5

Player Identity V can also find characters from Persona 5, such as Kitagawa Yusuke, Sakamoto Ryuji and Takamaki Ann.

Some lucky players can get a Skin Crossover from the Persona 5 character.

Acrobat will get Amamiya Ren’s skin, and Dancer will get Takamaki Ann’s skin .

Not only that, players can also get Morgana as Pet In Game. Also, there will be a variety of accessories that celebrate the Identity V x Persona 5 collaboration.

Identity v game

If you don’t know this game yet, Identity V is 1 vs 4 survival game that has gameplay similar to Dead by Daylight (PC game).

Where there will be 1 person who acts as a Hunter, and 3 Victims .

The aim of the Hunter is to prevent the victim from escaping, while the victim must decode generator to escape the Hunter attack and exit through the main gate.

Yep, if you are a fan of Persona 5, you are really obliged to try this collaborative game!

PlayStore: Identity V

AppStore: Identity V

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