Identity V x Promised The Neverland Collaboration Has Started

At the end of 2020 NetEase Games as the asymmetrical mobile game developer Identity V has announced a collaboration with one of the popular mystery anime entitled Promised The Neverland. And now, the Identity V x Promised The Neverland collaboration event has officially started!

Collaborating with famous anime seems to have become a hallmark of NetEase Games. Previous game Onmyoji Arena veri China also collaborated with anime Kimetsu no Yaiba that presents Tanjiro and Nezuko. Meanwhile, the global version features two Bleach characters, Ichigo and Ruka.

This is also not the first time that Identity V has collaborated with a popular anime. In the previous collaboration event, Identity V also collaborated with Danganronpa. Promised The Neverland is a manga created by Kaiu Shirai which tells about Emma and her friends’ attempts to escape Isabella’s figure. Identity VX Promised The Neverland

The Identity V x Promised The Neverland collaboration was first announced at the end of 2020 by publishing a video trailer.

In the trailer only the main character Emma is shown. But at this time, NetEase turned out to have several other characters such as Ray, Norman, Gilda, and Don. The antagonist of the anime Promised The Neverland, Isabella, is also here to enliven this collaboration event.

The Identity X Promised The Neverland collaboration event has started on February 23, 2021 right after the maintenance finished. Players can immediately participate in this event to get characters from Promised The Neverland.

In addition, there is also a Latern Festival event that players can participate in until next March.

Source: Identity V


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