Crossover Identity V x The Promised Neverland

Identity V x The Promised Neverland Crossover Collaboration is Back

Currently, there is good news for players who like asymmetric genre games, which previously missed the Identity V crossover event collaboration with The Promised Neverland some time ago. Now NetEase has announced that they will hold a new Crossover Collaboration event, and bring a variety of new characters into this asymmetric 1v4 game, Identity V x The Promised Neverland.

In addition to Norman, Emma, ​​Rey, Don, Gilda and Isabella, players can also get a variety of new characters adapted based on The Promised Neverland that will be presented at the crossover event. Mujika, Songju, Zazie, and Peter Ratrie will be the characters released into the game to enliven the Identity V x The Promised Neverland collaboration.

Not only that, in addition to the costumes and skins of the 4 characters of The Promised Neverland, players can also get various accessories that will change the skill effect on each item in Identity V. Starting from Bell & Mask, the letter given by Mujika to Emma, Zazie’s Tiger Doll, and Emma’s Quiver will also be in the game.

Crossover Identity V x The Promised Neverland

Players will get various attractive prizes including the opportunity to get various costumes with free essence given during the Crossover Collaboration event. In addition, players who complete tasks in the game also have a chance to get 1 of 2 costumes of The Promised Neverland, Don and Gilda.

If you like the genre of games like this, Identity V you can download and play now on Android and iOS for free. This mobile game is Free to Play, and you can download it on GooglePlay or the AppStore.

Download:  GooglePlay or AppStore


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