Incubator Free Fire Presents New Bundle, Killspark Shinobi

The Killspark Shinobi Bundle is now available in Incubator Free Fire! Yep, now there is good news for players who like the Incubator in the battle-royale game Free Fire, because at this event players will get various cool and new item prizes!

According to information, the latest Free Fire Incubator will be available on July 14, 2021, and the main prize is the Killspark Shinobi Bundle. This bundle has a really cool look because it looks like a modern ninja.

Yep, for players who want to know more about this Incubator event and the appearance of the Killspark Shinobi bundle, please check out this article!

Incubator is a spin event, players will need quite a lot of diamonds in order to get the desired prize. Below is the number of diamonds that players need to spin in the Incubator:

  • 1x Spin: 60 Diamond/1x Incubator Voucher
  • 5x Spins: 240 Diamonds
killspark shinobi free fire

Like the usual incubator, the Shinobi Bundle will have 4 different types, and each bundle will have its own uniqueness. Players will need Blueprint: Killspark Shinobi and Evolution Stones to get the bundle of choice:

  • Killspark Gamma: Requires 8 Evolution Stones and 4 Blueprints
  • Killspark Lava: Requires 6 Evolution Stones and 3 Blueprints
  • Killspark Freeze: Requires 4 Evolution Stones and 2 Blueprints
  • Killspark Lightning: Requires: 1 Evolution Stone and 1 Blueprint

Source: Garena Free Fire


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